Ressill 20 órája
The energy absorbing thing just stopped working
Westcoastkev 20 órája
it sounds like they recorded this first take and went with it making up words
Caius Keys
Caius Keys 20 órája
Why would anybody agree to be on Eric's show?
shogun7 20 órája
DMX I'll always listen and respect you 💪😾
deadratmau5 20 órája
RickRated 20 órája
What episode was this??
Ons Ellaram
Ons Ellaram 20 órája
Jack Hernandez
Jack Hernandez 20 órája
Well that turned dark
Nick Randles
Nick Randles 20 órája
She’s just a hunk
Louise Jereza
Louise Jereza 20 órája
Caius Keys
Caius Keys 20 órája
Haven't heard a song that awesome since "African Child"...
my first crappy video Billy
my first crappy video Billy 20 órája
As a smart person this is completely accurate
Video Nomad
Video Nomad 20 órája
Was here.
Henry W
Henry W 20 órája
Aaaa 20 órája
I'm so high wats goinf on
ÞæOldeFellerNoob 20 órája
Karens: "The Moon Landing was faked" CGI in 2013:
Brandoixz 20 órája
0:30 Backround
M. C.
M. C. 20 órája
Gregg looks hauntingly similar to famed comedian Neil Hamburger. Wild.
Abhinav Dubey
Abhinav Dubey 20 órája
Mr. Beast: Hold MY free real estate
override367 21 órája
so from snake scientist point of view, the unintelligent earth snake is a beautiful naked woman right?
Kallie Gladue
Kallie Gladue 21 órája
Th story is sad, and I'm a little scared before bed now.. I loves how well the facial expression were animated
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson 21 órája
Just by looking at the thumbnail for the video, I thought this was a video about Tinkerbell 😂😂
Bjollnir Bjordsen
Bjollnir Bjordsen 21 órája
Listens to Jordan b Peterson for 30 seconds
J Lupus
J Lupus 21 órája
I’ll respect Robot Chicken if they can make a joke about male-on-woman violence as well. Until then, y’all look like douches.
j.c man
j.c man 21 órája
Wow! how did he do that?
IAmAZygote 21 órája
Awww I'm so glad this show is returning! It really tapped into another level.
nk 21 órája
Adult Swim has such a huge playlist... limitless entertainment
Darreyl Henderson
Darreyl Henderson 21 órája
Seen that dude tied up like that and the unicorn horn made me have a flashback to "American horror story hotel"
cosmicdan808 21 órája
Had no idea Blake Anderson was involved in this. What a classic show, can't wait for more!
Kameari Kill Screen
Kameari Kill Screen 21 órája
Summer is constantly peeing her pants and insisting on staying hydrated.
AJ's schooling
AJ's schooling 21 órája
Is no one going to talk about how this is made by the same person that made the big lez show
Blake Blackstone
Blake Blackstone 21 órája
Despicable Me 2 is literally an ad next to this video to buy. wth lol
Stephen Smith
Stephen Smith 21 órája
OOOOooohhhh thats how you win those games.
al d
al d 21 órája
Naked Donald Trump's body everyone
Michael Browne
Michael Browne 21 órája
Why did he have a garden hose inside his house?
Stranger 21 órája
that karate instructor seems like a hardass lmfao
LOLjerel 21 órája
mike 21 órája
1:22 gold
mike 21 órája
number one thing on my 3 list thing LMAO
big gun productions
big gun productions 21 órája
Every one in unison nooo
John Lemon
John Lemon 21 órája
Revisiting now that bernie madoff is dead
MEGA BOY 21 órája
Progres from 2021 in chicken robot from 2016
VirtuallyUnknownn 21 órája
0:36 hits too close to home
Fortunatus Nine
Fortunatus Nine 21 órája
🙆‍♂️ HOLY SHIT !!
Cascadia Uploader
Cascadia Uploader 21 órája
I love how in this season the quality of Gregg's angle clearly looks worse than Tim's, such a great subtle joke from the editing
Fokii 22 órája
Birdgirl's energy is still really fun, but everything else is far less interesting than it was in Harvey Birdman.
sebastian ayala
sebastian ayala 22 órája
i liked Spawn : (
Deady Brock
Deady Brock 22 órája
Im sold!
Matt Stevens
Matt Stevens 22 órája
I loved this!
Fokii 22 órája
I'm conflicted on this. This isn't *unfunny* but I just feel like it's connection to Harvey Birdman hurts it more than it helps it. My favorite character from the original was Birdgirl and she's *kinda* the same character but it's clear the world she inhabits isn't.
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones 22 órája
I would like to see car seat headrest to a cover of this.
Dabbing Mcgee
Dabbing Mcgee 22 órája
Proud to be a union scab, fuck work unions, I wanna stab a union member to death
Brady Lawson
Brady Lawson 22 órája
HIệp Hiệp
HIệp Hiệp 22 órája
i think it is a sandwwich for his lunch
Brady Lawson
Brady Lawson 22 órája
Caius Keys
Caius Keys 22 órája
Love the hair...
TheRandomhobo123 22 órája
The song’s actually pretty good, weird, but good
DirtyDan 22 órája
Everyone is talking about the linguist banging the alien snake, but not one talking about how the scientist didn’t even bat an eye when it started.
Luna Light
Luna Light 22 órája
Are they having s## or fighting I can’t tell
Luna Light
Luna Light 22 órája
I hope this comment does not get deleted again
mars is no
mars is no 22 órája
Now _THAT_ was gay.
Prince Z
Prince Z 22 órája
Jack stabuber on [as], whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
Nen Way Productions
Nen Way Productions 22 órája
Support the channel and subscribe for the sake of my fulfillment
Anthony Arena
Anthony Arena 22 órája
Eric andre is so good he even managed to make lizzo somewhat entertaining. Dude's a genius
Animation // Plush Vids
Animation // Plush Vids 22 órája
Holy cow.. this made me remember a dream i had years ago, it went exactly like this.
Morgan Waddell
Morgan Waddell 22 órája
A family plagued by addictions. The father: nicotine, TV, and a sense of superiority. The brother: cocaine, self-absorption, and insecurity. The mother: alcohol, depression, and possibly heroin. Claire: the billboard, the family in the billboard is her escape.... At least this is my theory. I love this piece so much.
Raven J
Raven J 22 órája
i thought the voice actor was gordon ramsey
George Shelton
George Shelton 22 órája
They don't even make fun of the 'Heathcliff CATILLAC Cats;' the whole/entire gang. They don't make fun of Riff Raff, and his girlfriend Cleo. They don't even make fun of the CATILLAC junkyard Cats: Hector, Wordsworth and Mungo. They don't even make fun of these 'Heathcliff' lady cats: Roxy and Dixie. They don't even, make fun of Heathcliff's girlfriend Sonia.
Daniel Griff
Daniel Griff 22 órája
glad Summer wasted him... he had a better life than mine...
Carson John
Carson John 22 órája
Daniel Lewis
Daniel Lewis 22 órája
Clown Box
George Shelton
George Shelton 22 órája
Is this all about zombies? It's very rare that the 'Robot Chicken' animation crew members; ever make fun of, the 'South Park' characters. The 'South Park' characters; they of course represent, the inappropriate 'Peanuts' Gang.🧟‍♀️
J. Valentine
J. Valentine 22 órája
This takes on a whole new meaning when you realize that their half-brothers.
Raven 22 órája
wHy YoU gOt sO MaNy NeCKlAcE
henry isbell
henry isbell 22 órája
I had to stop watching after a full episode over a damn toilet
Darryl Areniego
Darryl Areniego 22 órája
JeaIous 22 órája
•SOK• 22 órája
Oh god, a Yandere Child!